Only four steps are needed for the indicative evaluation of a company with the “MultipleGuide”.

The data for Steps 1 Basic Parameters and 2 Profit and Loss Figures are necessary for the calculation of the equity value, while the data for Step 3 Financial Liabilities and Cash Holdings are used to determine the net debt.

After entering the data, the valuation results are directly displayed.

Für die vier Schritte der Wertermittlung benötigen Sie folgende Daten:

1. Basic parameters

Enter the following key figures:

– Select the investor’s currency
– Select the industry of the target company,
– Specify the relevant valuation date.

2. P&L Key figures

Enter the following financial data:

– Year
– Weighting
– Revenues
– Net income

3. Financial liabilities

Enter the following key figures:

– Interest-bearing liabilities
– Bank loans
– Bonds
– Pension obligations
– Lease obligations

4. Cash position

Enter the following key figures:

– Bank/cash
– Financial assets

5. Valuation result

After entering the parameters, the valuation results will be displayed at the bottom of your screen.

The valuation results can also be displayed graphically in a bar chart.