MultipleGuide calculations are based on industry multiples for the 24 sectors of the S&P Europe Broad Market Index.

The multiples used are therefore European sector multiples. The S&P Europe BMI has a broad database with around 1,650 companies and therefore has a clear advantage over German industry multiples, for which only around 400 companies are available. The industry multiples were derived by WOLLNY WP based on fundamental and capital market data of each sub-sector of the S&P Europe Broad Market Index. The enterprise value is determined on the basis of the monthly market capitalisation plus net debt as of the last balance sheet date. The related performance figures (sales, EBIT, EBITDA, net income) are derived from the current annual financial statements of the companies in the sector. The MultipleGuide supports the following four multiples:

  1. Sales multiple (EV/Sales)
  2. EBITDA multiple (EV/EBITDA)
  3. EBIT multiple (EV/EBIT)
  4. Net income multiple (price/earnings)

For the compression of the calculated values and for the adjustment of statistical outliers, we prefer the median. The data collected by us each month can also be downloaded as a PDF file from our homepage: